The TSC Consortium has completed the concept development and research on the feasibility of launching a new transport hub business in Western Europe

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05.05.2019 12:37

The TSC Consortium has completed the concept development and research on the feasibility of launching a new multimodal transport hub business in Western Europe.

In the short time, the TSC carried out a justification of the choice of a land plot for the development of a transport hub and calculation of investment parameters for its' construction.

The project included the analysis of the territory of the state, consideration of options for locating the object and features of land plots, a description of the development features of each recommended location option, a description of the access roads for each option, and the advantages of creating a transport hub.

Also, the competitive analysis was conducted considering the location of the planned transport hub in relation to the existing competitive facilities, including in neighboring countries, and other research was carried out.

The experienced team of the TSC is specialized in transport infrastructure development in every aspect of this activity and has leading positions in transport infrastructure business consulting, land plot and territory development, master planning and funding.

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Effective development of a region's transport system requires a balanced strategy that in the short term, in 10, 20 and more years will provide the region with infrastructure, outrunning demand in terms of all modes of transport.
Many large world regions, leaders in transport product volume and transshipment, handling transit and transfer passengers, started out by creating a development strategy for multimodal transport hubs (MTH) based at promising ports, stations, and airports.
Many regions are geographically remote and located away from large transport hubs. They are characterized by poor land transport infrastructure and have many unique characteristics that implicate a peculiar approach to transport planning.
The TSC's areas of expertise include professional strategic planning in IT, development of innovative IT solutions for transport, tourism, transport engineering.
One of the core activities of TSC is the design and turn-key implementation of territory development projects for areas adjacent to transport infrastructure facilities.
The Transport Strategy Center Consortium (TSC) provides expert consulting assistance to regional authorities and transport organizations in developing comprehensive strategies for the development of transport infrastructure projects and attracting public and private funding for their implementation.