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30.05.2024 00:00

On September 16–17, 2024, the key events of the year in the aviation industry will take place in Moscow - the Eurasian forums on route development NETWORK - 2024 and NETWORK CARGO - 2024.

NETWORK is the largest key communication platform in the Eurasian region for the development of passenger route networks of airlines and airports.

NETWORK CARGO is the only communication forum in the Eurasian region for the development of cargo routes, which brings together all stakeholders in the air cargo supply chain.

In 2024, the VII Eurasian Forum for the development of passenger routes NETWORK 2024 will be held jointly with the VI Eurasian Forum for the development of freight routes NETWORK CARGO 2024 on the same site.

On September 16-17, a meeting of leaders and leading industry professionals who make decisions on the development of airline routes and commercial activities of airports will be held in Moscow to discuss and formulate trends in the development of the passenger and cargo air transport market.

Over the course of 2 days, 10 business events will be held for airlines, airports, tourism operators in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, South and Central America and other regions of the world, national and regional authorities responsible for the development of the air transport complex, the development of route networks, external and domestic tourism.

The key event of NETWORK will be the negotiation program (networking sessions), at which airports and airlines, regional authorities and other forum delegates will be able to hold an unlimited number of business negotiations with the aim of individually discussing the opening of new air routes and the development of route networks.

All delegates will have access to a personal account with the ability to automatically schedule meetings with other forum participants during networking sessions on the Eurasian.Network Internet platform.

All key players in the air transportation and airport services markets of the Eurasian region traditionally take part in the forum. A large number of representatives of friendly countries will also take part.

In addition to the negotiation program, the following events are also planned within NETWORK:

  • The XII Strategic Civil Aviation Forum 2024 is the largest professional platform for discussing key industry development trends, strategic planning issues for airlines, airports and other industry enterprises.
  • VI Eurasian International Forum on the Development of Air Cargo Transportation Air Cargo Strategy Forum 2024 is a key international platform for discussing the development of air cargo transportation and supply chains in the current conditions.
  • VIII Eurasian International Conference “Airline Marketing and Commerce 2024” is a key international platform for discussing all issues of strategic development, marketing and commercial activities of airlines.
  • VIII Eurasian International Conference “Airport Marketing and Commerce 2024” is a key international platform for discussing all issues of strategic planning and practical tools for aviation and non-aviation commercial activities of airports.
  • The XIV Eurasian International Conference “Regional Aviation 2024” is the largest annual professional event in the Eurasian region to discuss key issues in the development of regional and local aviation at the state and business level.
  • V Eurasian International Forum “Warehouses and Cargo Terminals - 2024” is the main professional industry platform for exchanging experiences, discussing trends and presenting innovations in the design, construction, reconstruction and operation of cargo terminal infrastructure. The forum's agenda includes innovations and trends in the development of aviation and multimodal cargo terminals.
  • Practical seminars for airports and airlines from leading international experts.
  • A unique exhibition of airports, airlines, tourism operators, regional tourism authorities, providers of innovative services and solutions for the aviation industry.
  • Presentations of airports, airlines and regional tourism opportunities.
  • Other business events.

Excursion historical program, aviation evening in the panoramic restaurant 360 with unique views of the most iconic sights of Moscow. As part of the NETWORK forum, special excursion events are planned (aviation program at the Victory Museum), an aviation evening.
The NETWORK forum is annually attended by representatives of key airlines, airports, tourism operators of the Eurasian region, embassies and consulates general of states, national and regional authorities responsible for the development of the air transport complex, external and internal tourism from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America and other regions of the world.

During the negotiation sessions of the three forums from 2018 to 2023, more than 9,000 pre-planned business negotiations were held, mainly between airports and airlines, to open new routes. More than 2,150 representatives of key market players from different regions of the world took part in the forums.

Organizer of the NETWORK 2024 and NETWORK CARGO 2024 forums: Center for Strategic Developments in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER).

General partner of the forum: Transport Strategy Center (TSC).

General information partner: the official publication of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation - the newspaper "Transport of Russia".

You can register to participate in the NETWORK forum, to give a report, and also get more detailed information on the Eurasian.Network website, by phone +7 (495) 225.99.57 (ext. 5) or by email events@transport-strategy. org.

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