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04.06.2020 15:43

The Transport Strategy Center (TSC) has performed feasibility study and forecasting passenger, cargo and mail traffic and traffic intensity until 2045 of one of the Moscow’s passenger and cargo transport hubs.

In the course of the work, hypotheses were formed about the development of passenger and cargo transportation segments with details on routes and detailed segments in the long term, and a forecast of passenger and cargo transportation volumes was prepared.

The results as a business strategy will be used for the preparation of a master plan and other strategies for the development of transport hub infrastructure.

The TSC approach to feasibility studies is distinguished by the professional vision of its experts experienced in managing the transport and infrastructure development businesses in terms of the commercial and overall strategic development of transport industry enterprises using a unique set of databases and advanced planning techniques, covering from marketing, overall technical to financial and legal aspects.

The demand for TSC consortium services is confirmed by its work on the projects in all federal districts of Russian Federation and in the countries around the world. 

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Effective development of a region's transport system requires a balanced strategy that in the short term, in 10, 20 and more years will provide the region with infrastructure, outrunning demand in terms of all modes of transport.
Many large world regions, leaders in transport product volume and transshipment, handling transit and transfer passengers, started out by creating a development strategy for multimodal transport hubs (MTH) based at promising ports, stations, and airports.
Many regions are geographically remote and located away from large transport hubs. They are characterized by poor land transport infrastructure and have many unique characteristics that implicate a peculiar approach to transport planning.
The TSC's areas of expertise include professional strategic planning in IT, development of innovative IT solutions for transport, tourism, transport engineering.
One of the core activities of TSC is the design and turn-key implementation of territory development projects for areas adjacent to transport infrastructure facilities.
The Transport Strategy Center Consortium (TSC) provides expert consulting assistance to regional authorities and transport organizations in developing comprehensive strategies for the development of transport infrastructure projects and attracting public and private funding for their implementation.