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21.02.2020 17:43

The Center for Strategic Development in Civil Aviation (AVIACENTER) became the first independent consulting center in the Russian Federation, the Eurasian Union, the CIS countries, the product range of which features over 100 kinds of professional services in the area of aviation industry strategic planning, management and investment consulting.  

Under the guidance and with the participation of AVIACENTER 350 strategic projects have been implemented in the interests of airlines, airports, aircraft industry holdings, and other enterprises of civil aviation.  

The geographic span of AVIACENTER activities includes the Russian Federation, Europe, Asia and other regions of the world.

The key objective for the establishment of the Center was the provision of high quality consulting services to the industry stakeholders, executive and legislative authorities, as well as the implementation of best management practices in airlines, airports, aircraft producers and other civil aviation enterprises.

AVIACENTER consolidates know-how, develops methodologies taking into account the expertise of leading international senior managers, professional experts in aviation strategic planning and management.

One of the areas of the Center is public sector consulting. The Center has worked on projects for the benefit of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Transportation of the Russian Federation, the Federal Air Transport Agency, the Federal Agency for Tourism, and other executive authorities. AVIACENTER also develops legislative proposals for the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, governmental agencies and structures of partner countries of the Russian Federation. A number of legislative initiatives in the area of regional aviation, the airport system, unmanned aviation have been developed and implemented or was with the participation of AVIACENTER.

Over the past 10 years AVIACENTER carried out strategic research projects for the the following industry leaders: the aircraft holdings United Aircraft Corporation and Russian Helicopters, Aeroflot Airlines and many other regional Russian airlines, including the startups Azimuth, Qazaq Air, airport holdings Basel Aero, Novaport, tourist holding companies, including TUI, the financial institutions VEB Group, GTLK, Samruk Kazyna, EBRD, and many others.

Together with the TSC Consortium companies a number of air-rail multimodal projects have been implemented in the interests of airports and subsidiaries of Russian Railways, and justifications have been prepared for the development of multimodal airport hubs, justifications for routing and relocation of stations as part of the high speed and speed rail network projects, as well as the development of airport cities and multimodal centers at international airports, development of adjacent territories.  

Also, together with the TSC Consortium companies an expertise is being developed using best international aviation industry practices in the areas of airport master planning, preliminary design, unique technological and architectural solutions for airports and multimodal transfer hubs, development of commercial real estate as part of Airport Cities when developing multimodal transport projects and developing adjacent agglomerations.

AVIACENTER has become a major consulting center in the area of investment attractions, both for purposes of creation of new airport operators and for construction aviation infrastructure. The Center is the only professional aviation industry center in the Eurasian region which implements turnkey PPP projects acting as a technical, legal and financial consultant, from concept and strategy development, master planning to the stage of road shows and the preparation of a set of documentation for investment tenders. AVIACENTER also has competencies and experience in justification of the inclusion of projects into public funding programs.

Another area of the Center’s expertise is IT&T innovation projects, the development of new, international-level products. Innovation projects have been implemented both for the federal authorities and business entities.  

Over the past several years AVIACENTER has taken part in large-scale research and development projects, such as the Strategy for the Development of Low-Cost Transportation in the Russian Federation, the Strategy for Transportation Support of the Republic of Crimea, the Concept for Transport Service of 2018 FIFA World Cup, a number of R&D projects for aircraft production holdings United Aircraft Corporation and Russian Helicopters, and other projects. As part of such developments AVIACENTER coordinated all the key studies for civil aviation and multimodality. AVIACENTER has also conducted research and development in the area of HR sectoral strategy for the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, it has prepared justification for a number of decrees and ordinances of the Federal Government, including the implementation of projects aimed at subsidizing income shortfall of airlines, supplies of advanced Russian aircraft on operational lease terms, as well as the introduction of tools for supporting domestic aviation machinery and equipment. Over the past few years the Center has been active in the development of practical strategies for perspective international and Russian markets of unmanned aircraft and the related services as commissioned by major aircraft producers and other unmanned aircraft producers – market leaders.  

Over the past 10 years AVIACENTER has created and conducted 15 annual international events: the largest Eurasian forums and conferences including Aviation Fuel, Unmanned Aviation, Regional Aviation of Russia and CIS, Airport Development, Airline Marketing and Commerce, Airport Marketing and Commerce, Airport Design, Construction, and Operations, Aviation IT Forum of Russia and CIS and others.

The following important aviation industry events have been set up by AVIACENTER for the first time in the Eurasian region: NETWORK, a major international forum for the development of passenger routes, and NETWORK CARGO, a major forum for the development of air cargo routes, as well Civil Aviation Strategy Forum and Air Cargo Strategy Forum conducted within this framework and attended by over 400 key international and Russian aviation industry experts from the Russian Federation, EAEU, the CIS, Europe, Asia, Middle East, North America, South America and other regions of the world. Over 2,000 pre-planned negotiations are conducted between airlines and airports at such venues with the aim of opening new routes.

Together with TSC Consortium there are organized Digital & Smart Transport international Forum and Multimodal Transport 2020 forum, the last is planned to inaugurate in 2020.

In 2020 all these forums and conferences will be complemented by several new events to address the needs of aviation industry.  

The success of AVIACENTER – a major aviation industry center of competence in management and investment consulting – is underpinned by its team of leading aviation experts in various areas of expertise having extensive experience in commercial companies, scientific organizations, and public authorities. This is a strong team, and each member is not only a highly skilled professional, but one also shares the Center’s values.  

A rampant development and application of advanced technologies suppose new challenges for the aviation industry.

The Center is well-positioned to tackle such challenges in cooperation with its partners for further efficient development of aviation industry and its stakeholders. In the near future AVIACENTER plans to enhance its expertise in the aviation industry and related projects, and it plans to partake in the implementation of a number of innovative aviation industry solutions, extend the range of its services, and venture into new industry- and geographic segments of the aviation market.



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