One of the core activities of TSC is the design and turn-key implementation of territory development projects for areas adjacent to transport infrastructure facilities.

TSC provides some unique competencies, being the only organization in the Eurasian Region offering them.

These projects are implemented by TSC's special branch – TSC Development.

TSC Development possesses specialized competencies, for example, it's the only organization in the Eurasian region that has unique professional experience and provides a comprehensive range of services in the area of Aaerotropolis and airport adjacent territory development.

Within implemented projects, we create points of attraction that provide:

  • Aggregation of various business sectors around a single attraction point – the airport. Development of an airport as a major business center.
  • A synergistic effect from the development of air and multi-modal transport solutions and a large number of commercial property clusters.
  • Significant expansion of the market and coverage area of the airport, creating a basis for transit flow increase.
  • Increased competitiveness of the airport in the macro-region, increased competitiveness of the region in the country and the world.


When developing Aerotropolises, our experts:

  • Use over 30 air traffic demand databases for hub airport development forecasts.
  • Achieve a significant synergistic effect of aviation and non-aviation clusters, implementing the world's best practices in Aerotropolis development.
  • Develop multi-modal solutions, including air-bus, air-rail, classic airport train, fast and high-speed train connections integrated into long-haul correspondences.
  • Prepare advanced development master plans of airports and adjacent territories, including long-term plans for creating new runways.
  • Analyze and forecast potential transit and transfer cargo and passenger flows, substantiate the creation of different cargo clusters through use of international databases.


The combined experience of TSC Development experts is more than $10 bln of investment attracted for implemented projects in transport and other sectors.


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Effective development of a region's transport system requires a balanced strategy that in the short term, in 10, 20 and more years will provide the region with infrastructure, outrunning demand in terms of all modes of transport.
Many large world regions, leaders in transport product volume and transshipment, handling transit and transfer passengers, started out by creating a development strategy for multimodal transport hubs (MTH) based at promising ports, stations, and airports.
Many regions are geographically remote and located away from large transport hubs. They are characterized by poor land transport infrastructure and have many unique characteristics that implicate a peculiar approach to transport planning.
The TSC's areas of expertise include professional strategic planning in IT, development of innovative IT solutions for transport, tourism, transport engineering.
One of the core activities of TSC is the design and turn-key implementation of territory development projects for areas adjacent to transport infrastructure facilities.
The Transport Strategy Center Consortium (TSC) provides expert consulting assistance to regional authorities and transport organizations in developing comprehensive strategies for the development of transport infrastructure projects and attracting public and private funding for their implementation.