The TSC's areas of expertise include professional strategic planning in IT, development of innovative IT solutions for transport, tourism, transport engineering.
Our specialists analyze new solutions daily, work with developer teams on creation of integral innovative products, that are only beginning to emerge in the world. We have initiated a range of pilot IT solutions, equivalents of which have yet to be created.
The development of cutting-edge IT strategies for transport, tourism, transport engineering companies presupposes full-scale implementation and integration of information technologies and telecommunications.
The development of multimodality via use of all modes of transport: air, rail, automobile, water, covering large geographical areas, remote and large regional centers, requires highly qualified IT specialists with serious practical background.
The created integrated information space provides support and making prompt and strategic decisions in the area of the construction of multimodal hubs for the development of passenger transport, logistic interaction for effective and reliable cargo transport, development of regional transport corridors.
With the modern approach to the development of IT strategies, all the participants of a long interaction chain from a passenger to carriers and hotels, that includes public authorities, transport companies, tour operators, metasearch systems and others, receive efficient IT tools for activity planning, management and monitoring, control and analytics, collaborative decision making.
New opportunities for effective interaction within organizations, with partners and customers, optimal planning and income and expense calculation, maintaining the competitive power of companies and regions as a whole, as well as in-line processing of large data volumes emerge.
A portfolio of business intelligence (BI) systems allows heads of regions, groups of companies, and separate companies to quickly react to current changes, develop and implement innovative ideas and best practices, analyze business requirements and improve business processes, form a positive potential for long-term economic growth.
To provide the running of intelligence systems and achieve results from their usage, it is necessary to plan and develop a seamless cutting-edge IT infrastructure, provide a competitive level of communication channel capacity, calculation capacities of data processing centers, cloud technologies, centralize the management of IT and companies, improve the quality and level of transport and tourism security systems, and customer service quality, following international standards and trends in software development.
The best practices show that the competitive power of national economy as a whole is related to the development of information technology. The index of competitiveness of national economies has a strong correlation to the development index of information and communication technologies in the countries. That is why strategic IT development provides high living standards and qualify of life to citizens, giving them unrestricted mobility, connecting regions and countries, developing transport networks and tourist flows.
The Transport Strategy Consortium unites the leading Russian practical experts in information technology. The TSC collaborates with the leading international consultants and experts, industry developers of innovative IT solutions, with the leading integrators, specializing in industry solutions. The TSC provides professional consulting services in the area of long-term development of information technology, as at the stage of transport and tourism company operations planning, as at the stage of implementation of an IT strategy.

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Effective development of a region's transport system requires a balanced strategy that in the short term, in 10, 20 and more years will provide the region with infrastructure, outrunning demand in terms of all modes of transport.
Many large world regions, leaders in transport product volume and transshipment, handling transit and transfer passengers, started out by creating a development strategy for multimodal transport hubs (MTH) based at promising ports, stations, and airports.
Many regions are geographically remote and located away from large transport hubs. They are characterized by poor land transport infrastructure and have many unique characteristics that implicate a peculiar approach to transport planning.
The TSC's areas of expertise include professional strategic planning in IT, development of innovative IT solutions for transport, tourism, transport engineering.
One of the core activities of TSC is the design and turn-key implementation of territory development projects for areas adjacent to transport infrastructure facilities.
The Transport Strategy Center Consortium (TSC) provides expert consulting assistance to regional authorities and transport organizations in developing comprehensive strategies for the development of transport infrastructure projects and attracting public and private funding for their implementation.